Corrib Grey Mayfly


Everyone has their favourite pattern. Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of different mayfly patterns and they have probably all caught fish at some time or another. That’s the beauty of mayfly imitations: they will all work at one time or another. This is another pattern that I had not seen until recently. It’s a wet mayfly pattern that was given to me to tie up for fishing the western loughs. I don’t know the name of it, so I called it what I think it is, which is Golden Olive.


Hook: Size 10 Kamasan B170
Tying Silk: Orange
Tail: Cock Pheasant Tail Fibres And Green Floss
Rib: Gold Oval
Body Hackle: Yellow Cock
Hackle: Dyed Olive Or Yellow Grey Partridge Hackle
Front Hackle: Golden Olive French Partridge Hackle



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